Our company offers services in Vehicle Aerodynamics based on our unique competence in techniques such as time-dependent numerical simulations, flow control and aerodynamic shape optimization.

Manufacturers of road vehicles (cars, buses, trucks or motorcycles) and trains, vehicle suppliers, train operators, rail and road administrations are our customers. We offer whole spectra of services specially designed for each customer. Following services are offered:

1.     Introducing CFD in your organization.

Your organization wants to introduce CFD in order to make cost efficient product development or improvement of your services (in case of train operators and rail or road administrations).

2.      Helping you boost your CFD activity.

You have CFD department within your organization but are not used to the new techniques of time-dependent simulations.

3.     R&D of your methodology

Your organization wants to explore some of the new techniques but you lack the competence, the manpower or the computer resources. An example could be that you want to explore the capabilities of time-dependent CFD techniques for your application. You want to have good estimate of the cost of the process in running such simulations in terms of manpower, time and computer effort. What will be the advantage of running such simulations compared to your existing development process in terms of accuracy or cost savings? You want to have good idea of the working process in terms of preparation, tools (software), the required knowledge from engineers, computer resources etc. Another example could be that you want to explore flow control for your application.

We can provide you with a service where we explore such simulations for you using your application. We can also adapt to your conditions and run the software of your interest and provide you with a complete solution that you can afterwards evaluate.

4.      Complete CFD projects.

This service is offered to customers who need a complete CFD solution of a problem. It can be so that you don’t have a CFD capability or that you have shortage in CFD capacity and want to outsource some work.

We can provide you with a complete solution for a given problem, from preprocessing, simulation, analysis to interpretation of the results.